Wake up! Wise up! Rise up!

The American dream is dead. It has been murdered, set on fire, thrown into a pit and buried under the bodies of its believers. We are left with the American nightmare, a zombified, bastardized, one-sided, mind controlled version of what the powers-that-be would have us believe is democracy. How can we believe in a government that would tell outright lies to the public to start a war? How are we supposed to have faith in a system that places profit before the well being of it’s citizens? We face more of a threat from our own country than from foreign terrorists. Domestic terrorism, perpetrated by the state and it’s cohorts in commerce, is the order of the day. It is time for revolution.

The people of America and, indeed, the people of the world, will no longer sit idly by while their lives are destroyed. No longer will we acquiesce to the whims of corporate greed. No longer will we tolerate the inequality, the injustice, and the idiocy of a system that rapes entire populations, strip-mines whole continents and pollutes the planet that we all call home for the sake of a dollar. It is time for revolution. It is time for action. It is time that the status quo be dissolved.

Wake up, wise up, rise up! It is time that the populace take back what is ours: our power. It belongs to us. It is only on loan to the presidents and premiers and CEO’s of this world. They have abused the privilege and now must be sent to their rooms without supper like spoiled children. It is time to wake up and realize that we, as a people, ARE the power. If we stand united, there is no corporation or despotic regime that cannot be made to beg for forgiveness. We are The People, we are the power, we are the creators of our own destinies. Now is the time, here is the place. The revolution has just begun.

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