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One World

We are in the midst of an awakening. An awakening into the realization of our power: that not only do we have the power to change what is, but also to create a new reality, one that is compatible with the law of existence as opposed to an existence made to fall in line with contrived human laws.

The law of existence is interconnectedness. Everything touches everything else. Everything affects everything else. There is nothing that is “itself”. Anything you can think of is made up of component parts working together to form something new, which is in turn part of something else. This includes people and societies. There are no islands in the sea of life.

Let’s look at it this way: quarks and other subatomic particles make up atoms, atoms make up molecules, molecules form elements, elements combine to form everything you can physically connect with. We all share these components. We are all made of the exact same material from the same source. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat will all, eventually, will be circulated back into the environment to be used by another organism. When we shake hands or hug or kiss we literally “rub off” on each other. Do I need to mention what happens during sexual intercourse? The point is that we become part of one another, physically. There is no divorcing ourselves from anyone or anything around us. We are inextricably glued together. This is the web of life.

There can be no revolution without evolution. Without a fundamental shift of consciousness there can be no real change. Without the realization that this is “one world” we will continue to compartmentalize ourselves, to divide ourselves by race, gender, sexual orientation and tax brackets. We will continue to be the “haves” versus the “have nots”, the “first world” versus the “third world”. Without an evolution of consciousness this world will not survive.

I believe, however, that the light is starting to creep in. The closed eyes and minds of the world are beginning to open. This is evidenced by the global Occupy movement. People are standing up and realizing that they don’t have to accept what’s being handed to them, that they can effect change and create a system that is inclusive of all, that recognizes and abides by the law of interconnectedness. The revolution is not just about monetary and political concerns, it is about life itself. It is about how we interact with each other and the planet. It is all encompassing. In the end, the revolution is about changing your point of view from “me” to “we”. This is “one world”. If we can’t learn to live together, we will certainly die together.


Post by an arrestee of the 99%


Posted Nov. 6, 2011, 1:29 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

Nature itself is the beautiful expression of order and balance arising out of chaos. Time and time again, nature has demonstrated its ability to naturally grow this order and peace out of the random noise that makes its very basis. The myth of true order comes from human attempts to impose it where it does not naturally occur. While there may be order, its cause is incorrectly perceived.

By definition, imposed order is unstable. It must be forcibly maintained in order to continue to exist. People are as a whole intelligent enough to devise such structures but not intelligent enough to override our most fundamental sense of natural order. As a whole, our species’ attempt to engineer its own order has been slowly successful. We created kingdoms, handing ourselves to a monarch. This is an extreme deviation from natural order, because there are in that case only a handful of people globally who matter. It leaves the commoner entirely outside the global order. Out of our natural human desire to move towards natural order, we devised a new structure of governments commonly known as republics. These were closer to something which we could naturally live at ease with. The commoner, despite not having a direct say in the larger global order was in some way involved, or at least believed this to be so. More recently, through the rapid development of communications technologies which allow any one commoner’s voice to find itself suddenly amplified and repeated around the world in moments we have grown into an entirely new method of global order. As trivial as much of the social networking conversation is, through social networking borders have fallen, lines have blurred, and a kind of collective consciousness representing its participants equally has arisen from it. However, we find ourselves in a unique situation. The people have moved on from the easily corruptible pseudo-free societies of the past, yet the forces enforcing those societies have attempted to simply ignore this transition. Through force, violence, and illegitimate law which passed without the consent of the commoner, they have attempted to extinguish the phoenix, the collective society which has arisen from the ashes of the republics.

Government by definition creates order, whether natural or imposed. A government exists within the borders of some defined region, and exists to represent the people of that region. Therefore, by definition the only possible government is that which exists by the consent of those who represent the people. A government which is operating without that consent is no longer a valid government. It is a criminal enterprise which exists to serve only itself. It in this case has moved from an entity which serves and fears the people to an entity which is served by and is feared by the people. For the people to accept such a criminal takeover of their land is a violation of their core drives, it is a violation of the natural progression from imposed global order towards natural order on a global scale. In the case where a criminal takeover has occurred, it is not only the natural right, but the obligation of that region’s people to raise themselves in great numbers against that criminal enterprise which seeks to exploit them. Fundamental human dignity demands it unambiguously. It is unfortunate, but an unavoidable conclusion that yesterday’s republics have on a grand scale violated their purpose and made the transition from representatives of the people towards criminal slave enterprise which holds the people in bondage, extracting value and joy from them, forever unhappy with their current holdings. The organs and systems which we the people devised not long ago to serve and represent us have been hijacked by a select few individuals, making the commoner irrelevant despite numerous legal guarantees and protections against this. The methods used in these criminal takeovers vary and are too numerous to list in the context of this document, but they are well documented by many members of the newly arisen collective consciousness.

There are many and varied voices which have erupted from captivity which suggest methods by which we the people can reclaim our rightful place as our own rulers and each other’s subject at once. In order to reclaim our human dignity and make progress towards natural order, a collective state where the people live in harmony with one another in naturally organized chaos, it is useful to examine the birth of the republics which today have become something grotesque and unrecognizable. Attempt after attempt was made to force monarchs to dictate the will of their subjects, but these attempts were made in ignorance of the fact that the very nature and structure of the kingdoms was not compatible with what the people desired. Facing a global order which could not advance any farther and had reached the end of its useful lifespan, individuals began to realize the increasingly undeniable fact that an entirely new order had to be devised to replace the old kingdoms. We have reached a similar point today. Society’s process of collective consciousness and consensus has advanced beyond the point that the republics can follow. In response to this, a select few have hijacked the republics in order to bring them backwards while the people march forwards. As difficult as it is to accept, the time has indeed come to tearfully say goodbye to the republics. They are artifacts of a beautiful age, yet in their age have become irrelevant to the progress of society, and in fact have become a snarling, grotesque weight which fights progress at every turn.

The form of the global order’s replacement is not mine to decide. It is not yours, it is not your neighbor’s. The global order’s form is for the globe to decide collectively. For this reason, my identity will not be disclosed. I will present no idea for the future’s form other than the fact that society has advanced beyond the point where the republics can exist in their current form. Go forth, and reclaim your dignity. If you fear the republics, imagine this. You are no longer represented in the republics. Therefore, their laws, their edicts, their decrees have no legitimate authority over you. They are just as illegitimate as if I attempted to dictate the terms of your life from behind my keyboard. They have become little more than bullies with guns, and if there is anything the Arab Spring has taught us, it is that guns are utterly useless against an idea.


The “fugly ameri-cain”

What is wrong with this picture? The picture of Herman Cain as a respectable political candidate, or even a decent human being, is laughable at best. At worst, it’s one of the saddest things that I’ve ever seen. Witness this madness in the making, then ask yourself if this could possibly be real. Something is not quite right about this man. On the other hand, we should probably not take him too seriously. I think Herman Cain may be decoy; a plot by far more sinister forces inside the political arena. Is it not plausible that he could be a plant by the GOP (or the Dems. Don’t rule anything out) to seem like the worst candidate that could be chosen in order for the desired candidate to shine like polished glass? That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. I refuse to believe that Herman Cain is an actual person.  Not so much a “brother from another mother” as a being from a galaxy far, far away! From the Sim City 999 tax plan to his quoting the Pokemon movie theme song (“a great poet once said”) to his Palin-esque interview responses to the general nonsensical nature of entire campaign—it smacks of a setup. It’s no wonder the political system is a decrepit mess. This is farce masquerading as political process. Politicians, all of them, need to stop wasting our money, stop wasting our time and stop insulting our intelligence.



A brief letter to our elected officials

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Seriously, do you have any clue at all about what’s going on? This country has become a giant, festering, pus filled, cancerous lesion on the ass of the world! It is a sucking chest wound; a vile, vitriolic cesspool of corruption; a massive, maggot-ridden turd with delusions of grandeur! How dare you say that you work for the people, that you advocate for the people, that you sympathize with the people. Bullshit! In order for that to be true you would have to be one of us. You would have to be in the trenches day in and day out. You would have to live like we do: hand-to-mouth. Do you think that you could do that for a lifetime and still say the system works? I challenge any one of you to live on minimum wage in a poor neighborhood with no health insurance for a year. I challenge you to take advantage of the wonderful government programs put in place to help the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised. Don’t all speak up at once.

I am calling you out. I am calling you thieves and liars! You are the lapdogs of corporate vampires who feed on the blood, sweat and tears of the innocent and the weak, both domestically and internationally. We are sold to the highest bidder, pimped-out and gang-banged by corporate thugs, way-laid and left to wonder why. To add insult to injury, blame for the crime is heaped upon us as victims. Aren’t you supposed to protect us? To keep us safe from the abuse of those that seek to do harm? To keep us out of the clutches of tyrants and madmen? What happened?

You failed us! You became part of the problem. The government became a co-conspirator in the rape of the people it was elected to care for. The government has “lost legitimacy”. You no longer have the confidence of the people. The system you try so hard to defend is broken. It is old, decrepit and should be condemned for unsafe living conditions. What would you do with a house that was beyond repair? Tear it down and build a new one.

So, again I ask: what the fuck are you doing? Whatever it is, stop it. It’s killing us. Either you are blind, deaf and dumb or you just don’t care. As a sergeant of mine was fond of saying: lead, follow or get the hell out of the way! And as it is blatantly obvious that your leadership skills are severely lacking, I think you should choose a different option.


“A river of time”

by Kevin Sutherin

A river of time.
Constantly flowing forward.
Everyone must swim


Raise your fists!

Raise your fists and your voices high

Let the flag of revolution fly

Fear not the forces that aim to sway

Make the stand and take the day

For in hearts and minds this battle’s won

No matter rain, no matter sun

We fight this war with liberty’s guns:

With marching feet and seditious tongues

With body and soul and with spirits ablaze

We seek the wicked system razed

As we rattle the towers and shake the halls

Tyrants will tremble under collapsing walls

Rulers will rage and rant and rail

Against the burgeoning tide to no avail

We are the wrathful storm unleashed

We are the righteous sword unsheathed

We are the nightmare from which they cower

We are the people, we are the power.

United we stand, united we win

Hand in hand with kith and kin

As a new day dawns with the rising sun

Long live the revolution!

We have just begun.

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