Role Models

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  1. 1 realitycametome
    August 25, 2012 at 3:52 pm

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    As this person, who first blogged it, I too, know I am crazy. I’ve learned to accept it. Sorda. My anger is getting a hold of me though, I think I’m bipolar, thats something Ii should see a doctor about. Anyways, I’ve learned to control my anger i just tell myself to breathe, and I usually calm down. That does the trick
    At least for a while, I’ve been doing that for maybe a year now. It was helping me, or so i thought.

    “But you don’t understand, he treats you like.. Breathe. Breathe.” I told myself after i was yelling at my friend for probably the third time today, and it was only 5th period.
    “You need to relax, that breathing thing is really helping you, huh?” she told me in a soothing voice with her eyes full of question.
    “I guess so, I mean I’m better than before… I think” which wasn’t a total lie, im not sure if the breathing thing really did help me.
    “Oh it does, I can remember you getting mad, and nobody wants to be around you when you’re mad.”

    It was true, even my mom didnt talk to me when I was mad, she just left me there. I do get mad, a lot. Sometimes even for the stupidest things, I don’t know how my friends can stand it. I mean, i’m not that good of a friend. Sure, I’m there all the time for them, but how do they put up with me?

    Until next time, The Little Bluebird

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