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A new hope


Back to the drawing board


A passage from “mother earth”. vol.1 no.4 1906

“No one considers a thief the patron saint of honesty, nor is a liar expected to champion the truth. The hangman is not elected as president of a society for the preservation of human life;                         why, then, in the name of common sense, do people continue to see in the State the seat of justice and the patron saint of those whom it wrongs and outrages daily?

     If people would only look closer into the elements of the State, they would soon behold this trinity: the thief, the liar, and the hangman.”


We are the power

There are so many things that need to change. Where do we start? Better yet, how do we stop.  How do we stop the the tyranny of the powerful. the greed, the narcissism that the system, as it is, allows. We live in a culture of inequality that breeds contempt among its citizens. Of course this all plays into the pockets of the entities that we allow to believe they have control. I say believe because control is an illusion. Especially when that control comes at the whim of of the subjects of that control. It seems that we, as the subjugated masses, have forgotten that the permission to rule comes from the people. It is not some divine right bestowed upon the heads of kings, presidents or multi-national corporations. WE THE PEOPLE have the power to effect change. We have the power to tear down old, outdated structures and build a bright new world that will be inclusive of all. A world where everyone has a voice and a place in society. A world where prosperity is not dependent on or defined by money or material possessions, where politicians and globally domineering governments are obsolete. A world where freedom is truly a given right, not just a stated one. A world where we can live up to our full potential as sentient beings. Society can not continue on its present course without imploding. The only available outcome is self-destruction. The system will eat itself. So raise your voice, make some noise and take  back the power!                                    


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